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As insured and licensed contractors with a skilled team of electricians, Penrith Electrical offers expert residential and industrial electrical installations and repairs. As specialists in this field, we are fully-equipped to cater to your every need! We do our work diligently and with a high level of professionalism so you can expect to be left satisfied with our services.

Here at Penrith Electrical, we get why we need to stay up-to-date in terms of qualifications, certifications, education, and rules and regulations within the electrical industry. Whether it is small or big, we are always ready to handle any electrical job that you may have!

We aim to provide various electrical services to maximise energy efficiency, safety, and also equip work places to boost growth and productivity. Having been in the industry for so many years, we are confident to say that there is no electrical issue that we can’t handle! With a fully-committed staff, we can assure you that we provide exceptional services.
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Electrical Services

Listed below are some of the electrical services that we offer in Sydney, Australia:

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is very crucial in your premises. Without proper lighting, you’ll surely have a hard time doing tasks, especially during the nighttime. Moreover, apart from convenience, this also provides an aesthetic effect to any surrounding. If you’re looking to install any kind of lights indoors, get in touch with us as we offer a variety of indoor lighting systems such as:

i) Wall mounted lights
Wall mounts add elegance to your space. If you wish to illuminate your dark hallway or any other wall in your premises, then they are the best choice of lighting for you. These lights also work well when placed next to pieces of art which require good lighting to increase their visibility. Aside from that, they are also optimal for staircases or entryways.

ii) Recessed lights
Recessed lights are fixtures that are usually installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling. They are among the top indoor lighting systems that you can get since they don’t affect the head space you have in the space. However, they aren’t exactly preferable as main sources of light. You can use them above your entertainment centre, shelves, or even your fireplace. Also known as a downlight, these can give your house a fresh, modern look, especially when done by your resident electrical experts, Penrith Electrical.

iii) Lamps
Lamps are one of the easiest options that you can choose from for indoor lighting. One of the main advantages of using these is that you can easily change, unplug, or move them as much as you please. Another thing is that they are usually cheaper compared to other fixtures and since they come in various designs, you can surely find one that speaks to your personality.

iv) Ceiling lighting
This category includes chandeliers and pendant lights among others. Just like lamps, these also have different styles. Some are plain whist others are decorative but either way, they are the perfect choice to add that touch of sophistication to your home.
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Old fashioned wall mounted light in a wooden roomA single ceiling downlight in a Penrith homeA lamp shade with a minimalist design and a lightbulb insideModern ceiling lights in renovated Sydney home

Ceiling Fan Installation

With electricity costs constantly on the rise, it makes perfect sense to install a ceiling fan whether you are at home or in the office. 


Not only is it cost-effective but it is also an energy-efficient way to cool down your room. At Penrith Electrical, we offer high-quality ceiling fan installation services at a very competitive price. A ceiling fan for personal use or hundreds for the entire building? We can certainly handle all kinds of ceiling fan installations.

Furthermore, we offer a wide selection of styles that will suit your preference. Are you currently on a tight budget? Don't worry, because we’ve still got options for you to choose from! Ranging from standard to large sizes, we can assist you in selecting a high-quality model that will best satisfy your needs.

We take pride as professionals in everything that we do. This is why we guarantee that we’ll even leave your room spotless after we finish our task. Treat yourself with a comfortable room by contacting us for a ceiling fan installation!

New installation of a white ceiling fan

Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrading your switchboard is very important to increase the electrical efficiency and the safety of your property. If you have an outdated switchboard model, it can be very dangerous.

We are not just talking about minor issues that you may encounter including flickering lights or inexplicable power outages, because in some cases, old switchboards can produce electrical fires when overloaded. To avoid that, it’s necessary to ensure that your switchboard is upgraded and on par with the electrical standards recommended by the Australian electrical industry.

Aside from every aforementioned service, we also offer switchboard upgrades to guarantee that your electrical system works at its best. We handle this above our clients’ expectations and monitor the entire process of adding appropriate safety switches, electrical configurations, and testing of the upgraded device. With your newly-improved switchboard, you don’t have to be worried when simultaneously using a lot of electrical machinery and appliances. If you’re searching for reliable and affordable switchboard upgrade services, don’t waste time and send us an enquiry today!
Penrith electrician testing out a newly installed switchboard

Outdoor Lighting

There are so many reasons why you should get outdoor lighting. With outdoor lighting, you can achieve the following:

• A better-looking outdoor living space
• Easier to enjoy outdoor entertainment, especially at night.
• Safer outdoor properties

When it comes to outdoor light fixtures, we have many designs and types that you can select from. Some of the styles that we offer are:

Accent outdoor lighting
You can use this type of lighting to draw attention to specific components of your landscape such as sculptures or attractive hedges. In this case, we can either install back-lighting which creates shadows or down lights that offer downward illumination.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting
These can either be powered by the sun or integrated into your existing electrical outlets. You can use them in illuminating decks, pathways, and driveways since they won’t consume a lot of electricity.

Submersible outdoor lighting
As the name suggests, this kind of outdoor lighting system is meant to be used underwater. If you use this lighting at your spa, fountain, or pool, they can add aesthetic value and make it safer for you to use these facilities, especially at night.

If you are aiming for maximum energy efficiency, we can install LED lights. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to fret about anything because we give you our word when we say that our team is highly-experienced in whatever electrical matter that you need.

Security and Sensor Lights

If you have any security concerns at your home or office, then you should probably get security and sensor lights to ease your worries. Motion sensor lights automatically turn on upon detecting any motion and will turn off after a certain period. 

These come in two varieties which are as follows:

Active sensors
They work by emitting energy which may be sound, microwaves, or light into the environment to detect any movement within a specified range. Upon detecting motion, the energy will be reflected, thereby triggering a specific response. The response can range from opening an automatic door, turning lights on, or setting an alarm on.

Passive sensors
On the contrary, passive sensors are designed to measure any changes in temperatures within a specific range. For instance, the average human is around 34°C. Every time that someone passes through the sensor’s range, the body temperature will be found to be higher than the one specified. The temperature change will cause a reaction.

However, due to such reasons, when we install passive sensors for our clients, we don’t install them near their venting systems as the changes in the air from hot to cold can trigger unnecessary responses.

Smoke Alarms

As a homeowner or business owner, your priority is and should always be to ensure your family or employees’ safety. In this case, smoke alarms can assist in detecting any fire outbreak before it gets worse. In Australia, many smoke alarms have various specifications. Therefore, you need to hire someone who has a high level of expertise in installing and servicing all kinds of smoke alarms. You’re in luck because our team at Penrith Electrical meets those qualifications!

Two of the vital parts of a smoke alarm are the smoke and heat detector. Any smoke alarm must have a control panel that will receive and control any information concerning heat and smoke inflow and outflow. When we install this system, we ensure that our clients have a power backup so that this device can work simultaneously.

If you truly care about and wish to protect your family, property, and employees, there’s only one thing for you to do—and that is entrusting us in choosing the right smoke alarms for you. We will then install and position them in the most optimal locations properly.
As a local electrical company in Penrith, NSW that you can trust, we can offer you the security and support that you need in your business or home premises by installing high-quality smoke alarms.
Night time outdoor lighting
Security motion sensor installed in a Penrith home
Smoke Detector installation

Level 2 Electrician

A Level 2 electrician is any personnel who is authorised and qualified to perform installations, maintenance, and repair for both the underground and overhead electrical systems. Our local Penrith electricians are suitable for your Level 2 service needs, meaning that our electrical team has met the qualifications issued by the Department of Energy in Australia.

What do Level 2 Electricians do?

Meter installation
If you are required to install or replace a metering device, our level 2 electricians at Penrith are the right people for the job. Please be mindful that electricians who are not qualified should not be providing this service as it is prohibited.

Install overhead electricity cables
For large scale electrical work where connection on the base level is required contact us now! Our team have the skills and knowledge to verify the quality of electricity cables before they can use them and will always consult with the authorities required before conducting any work of this nature.

Upgrade and extend the capacity of your electrical system
Electrical upgrades and extensions are usually a necessity in domestic or industrial areas to support more appliances, tools, and devices. If your current electrical system is not equipped to handle your required power, it can lead to an overload in your circuit. Our team offers upgrades and extensions to make sure that an incident like that doesn’t happen to you.

Install an electric meter box
The electrical meters that you install must be durable and resistant to moisture, heat, and dust. Therefore, allow us to supply you with one since we are authorised to offer this service in Australia. By installing a meter box, you will be able to improve accuracy, decrease energy consumption, and increase your savings as you can easily monitor your consumption rate. Our level 2 electricians can also repair your meter box in case it gets damaged.

At Penrith Electrical, we offer accredited level 2 services to both residential and industrial customers. Aside from the aforementioned services, we also provide the following:

• Distribution of switchboards

• Underground main and sub-mains

• Power supply upgrades

• 3-phase incoming power supplies

• Power distribution and installation

If you ever find yourself with any issues regarding these electrical components, don’t hesitate to give us a call right away!

General Maintenance

Many electrical systems failures have led to a lot of damages in Australia. However, such damages can be minimised through general maintenance, and here is the good news... you can definitely entrust us with this kind of job. Some of the services that we offer are regular check-ups and maintenance of lighting systems, surge protectors, UPS systems, circuit breakers, insulators, outlets, switches, and enclosures. We also check for the internal and structural stability of these electrical components. When conducting general maintenance to your electrical system, we ensure the following:

• We inspect all your cables, conductors, and insulators for any signs of damage, broken pieces, or cracking.

• We check your circuit breakers and switches to ensure that they have intact wiring and solid connections. If we trace any faults, we repair them immediately.

• In case some dirt or contaminants have accumulated in your electrical system but you can’t remove them through vacuuming, we can assist you in cleaning them. In our case, we use powerful cleaning solvents which are recommended by cleaning experts for intensive cleaning.

For hassle-free maintenance, we request our clients to offer us the building specifications and wiring diagrams so that our experts can inspect your entire electrical system.

Emergency Electrical Services

Power interruptions and outages can happen at any time of the day and if not handled immediately, can certainly be a huge inconvenience to you. Most emergency electrical issues are caused by faults in electrical appliances, overloading, and natural calamities.

All electrical issues concerning these must be handled by an emergency electrician. Fortunately, as we said earlier, with our years of expertise, there’s no electrical problem that we can’t handle! We have emergency electricians who can handle even the most dangerous situations within the shortest time possible. With a quick and reliable service as this, why bother looking for another company? With Penrith Electrical, you will be assured of a fast response regardless of the time of day. Also, our emergency electricians come with all the necessary equipment.

Since electrical emergencies are commonly associated with issues such as fires and heavy fumes, our highly-competent emergency team ensures that a high level of safety is achieved by following strict safety practices and standards. During an emergency, not only will we fix your electrical issues but we’ll also conduct some check-ups to ensure your safety from electrical shocks and any other issues which can endanger your life. With all that said, we are guaranteed to be the one-stop-shop for any electrical issue possible.

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We offer 24/7 customer support services; therefore, we are available to help you sort your electrical problems day or night.

Everyone wants to live a stress-free life and having all your electrical issues solved will be a major step in achieving this. 

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